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We’ll do all the work of your marketing department

From $520 per month

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The real
marketing punks

«Contagious marketing» is a team of the best professionals in the field of marketing, design, web development and promotion.

We know almost everything about marketing

and can completely replace a marketing department in almost any company, while at the same time guaranteeing lower costs and greater efficiency.

We can work with you on standalone marketing and advertising projects (though we do usually see that clients prefer to stay with us permanently after that).
We are good-hearted and take care of our customers: we meet deadlines, do not ask for unnecessary technical specifications or meaningless briefs, we minimise time spent on formalities as we value your time.
We are not afraid to publish prices on the site and will immediately name the cost of any service. Our offer consists of a maximum of ten proposition items and a cost estimate.

We know exactly what needs to be done and we do not waste our time on long negotiations.

Our story

So what do you do?

Marketing Takeover

Our team can completely replace the entire marketing department. The cost will be lower and the quality will be much higher.

Creation of presentations and pitch decks

The presentations, pitches and banners created by us really do attract new clients.

Website and landing pages development

We make websites with our marketing heads on, using the hands of the designers and listening to the hearts of layout designers. Exactly according to the latest technology and always meeting deadlines.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For those who like to be always at the top of their game. No lies and empty promises.

Audit of the Marketing Department

Believe me, we will leave no stone unturned, and no issues that your marketologists tried to hide will go unnoticed.

Internet Ads

Our ads specialist is like the Stig: we keep his identity a secret and his head protected. He’s too good.

Give it a go

Why we are  100 times better
than an in-house employee

Megatons of experience

One and a half million hours of experience from the best marketologists, designers, copywriters, advertisers, journalists and other professionals.

We spare the effort and save the time of our customers.

Only we will write the texts for the site ourselves, make booklets, prepare exhibitions and any other project without unnecessary technical specifications and other such nonsense.

Quality and professionalism

Real professionals will work on your tasks, and it is very, very, very expensive to hire them in-house instead of outsourcing.

A whole team works for you.

Any client’s task is carried out by a specifically trained person, chosen from hundreds of professionals, ideally suited for this job.

Marketing 24/7

We do not go on a vacation, we are always here for you — we can work at night and sometimes even on the weekends.

Meeting deadlines

In 99% of cases, we meet the set deadlines. We often complete the project earlier. Almost never later.

Now I want to give it a go even more

Our patients clients

I started working with «Contagious Marketing» when I was tired of pouring money into website promotion, which was of no use. The money was evaporating, but we were not gaining any clients. Now everything is different — I see the result, they explain everything to me, send reports with a full description of the work, help in any issue,

the most important thing is that I see traffic converting to orders.

Ksenia Yurkyanets
«Everything for Stone» Company

The guys worked

quickly, professionally, and most importantly — with high quality.

They made our marketing systematic and data driven, at the same time taking on work with a share of reasonable optimism and humor.

Initially, I came to «Contagious Marketing» as a master, but after a couple of weeks the guys started advertising Doctormac.

This was fate

as here they know a lot about how to do marketing, and it was important for me to find those who can be trusted with scaling my business. They also make great landing pages, and make delicious dumplings in their free time (I checked).

Konstantin Rabotkin

As a customer, I always know that my interests are above all else in this company.

The outcome of such treatment is the perfect product.

Clean and to the point. I am proud that the head of the company «Contagious Marketing» plants the seeds with me, cares as we grow and burns the midnight oil with me at night.

Anatoly Aristov
«Favorite bathroom complete»

Sooner or later, the guys from the «Contagious Marketing» will have to seriously expand their staff, because over time, many will learn about their ideal balance of price / quality, and this is the

best advertisemen

that will attract crowds of customers to their office. The main thing I wish for them is to keep the current business model, and to continue being humble! :-)

Anton Kondrashov
Head of Print Salon

I could only entrust a magic team to create a website for the first School of Magic and Tricks in Russia.

The guys from «Contagious Marketing» really have wonderful hands and heads,

so their work exceeded all expectations!

Maksim Kiselev

Don’t ask me who is «Contagious Marketing»! I’ll say it myself: this is the most productive marketing team I have ever met in the market. They are

real sales superheroes,

and if I was in your shoes and had a product, I would already dial their number.

Pavel Korotkov
Project Manager The HexHome

Guys from «Contagious Marketing»

can do the impossible.

For example, write mega-quality texts for a website in a couple of days or send a newsletter in an hour.

Alexander Nosach
Director of a unique mailing service DirectList

We ordered a landing page www.stopguard.net at «Contagious Marketing» for our new product.

We are very pleased with the result.

The content and conversion of the landing page are beyond praise.

Evgeny Novikov

We’re not going to hire marketing specialists in-house — it’s just throwing money away. We work with «Contagious Marketing» and get

the result for adequate money.

Ruslan Inozemtsev

And hundreds of other different clients

And hundreds of other different clients

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Version 2.2, made in 2020