Version 2.3, made in 2022

Sites that
sell themselves.
They can even sell you too.

In addition to marketing, we create excellent sites and landing pages. And we make them faster and better than any web studio. Now let’s explain why.

Watch your hands.

A bit of magic

We can guess what’s your problem
with six sentences!

«The site was made for me, but it’s so expensive and bad that it will never pay for itself. Zero orders, no money coming from it. And now what to do with it? »

The development deadlines have been disrupted since last decade. Today we don’t hope to see anything .

«Custom developed system is cool, or so they said. You will have so many opportunities, they said. But no one knows what to do with it. No one».

«It seems that soon the blood will flow from my eyes from the type of „design“ that they send me. I can’t look at it anymore. »

«I don’t want to say anything, but it seems I am currently paying and sponsoring higher education for the developer’s cat. Otherwise I can’t explain why each edit is an additional charge, even if I just ask to change the color of the plate in the upper right corner. »

«Ha! All I need is a new website. Guys, let’s do it beautifully? »

Save me — Help me!

We are sure that you have heard and seen this more than once. Not because there are no good people around who can help you.
There are just no good marketologists around.

but true.

With us, you do not need to fill out 20-page briefs, you do not need to write texts or draw the design you would like to see yourself.

We will be the first to tell you to just enjoy the process.
Let’s do it fast?

A minute of revelation

Briefs, job-specs and mass conf-calls were invented by people who like painful processes.Do not fall into their trap.

We do not need to conduct lengthy negotiations, discussions and other preludes. We are doing the job, and not meeting your partner’s parents.

We are ready to change / edit / correct / modify almost every little thing within the framework of the stage.
At the same time, we will not take additional money from you (within reason, within the contract).

We make fully-developed sites:
in «Contagious Marketing», you will go from zero
to hero product, and only so. No templates, ready-made solutions or anything like that.

The idea that it is the form that gives rise to the content was not invented by fools.
That’s why we always do the content first, otherwise it rarely works.

We always approach websites as marketing material, not as a Holy Cow. Why?
Simply because it is the website. Well, also because we are marketologists.

If you want, we can do everything without you. And it will be ... much cheaper!

No dance around «special» technologies. Only analytics, sanity and experience.

Perhaps the best design you’ve seen. Perhaps due to the fact that in most cases we use copyright illustrations.

Our prices are the same for companies of any level (and even oil-tycoons will receive a landing at the base price, they will need it). And you can see them right here and now. We value your time.

Download price

Let’s start

Stages of website development
according to the «Contagious Marketing» version.

We have created a clear site creation scheme that is used for any project (the case when size does not matter).

In this case, you will know everything about the progress of each stage of work, and maybe a little more.
We will stop talking about it only if you ask for it.

A little bit of bureaucracy

Meeting, drafting the schedule of

Interviews and data collection

Analysis of competitors

Creation of texts and prototype

Creating customer scenarios

Text creating

Design prototype

Visual Presentation

Development of a design concept

Agreeing on completion of the concept

Development of a complete designer layout Website



Creating adaptive version





Support during the month

The project cost is divided into four equal parts: advance payment and three main stages. We will ask you to make a new payment only after agreeing on one of the above.

Yes, it’s magic! Want it!

Notice how many people are working on the project?

It is unlikely that you see the same at least in one large studio.

See, what else we can do

Version 2.3, made in 2022