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the marketing department

the marketing department

«If your company has a marketing department, you throw at least $8,200 into the trash every year.»

Mikhail Naletov,
Head of the «Contagious Marketing»

Six reasons, why an in-house marketing department is a waste of money?

«Can your marketologists ensure that each of the promotion channels works and pays off? No?
And don’t listen to the tales that marketologists tell you, justifying why half the budget is always wasted. »

— Get rid of the driftwood!

Good marketologists
are few and far between.

Into marketing is usually low.
9 out of 10 «specialists» simply do not know how to work effectively.

The marketologist is only
interested in money.

And at the same time they really do not want to take ownership of results and sales.

You pay for the result.

Marketing departments take months creating websites and weeks on brochures approvals. The work that should take a couple of days takes forever.

are wasted thoughtlessly.

Useless add-ons, expensive booklets and websites — this, in most cases, is not needed. It’s just that not everyone knows how to achieve the goal at a minimum cost.

One person
cannot know everything.

And even five people cannot understand all the intricacies of scaling in one or another platform you will have to pay more and more to agencies and freelancers all the time.

People work a maximum of 40%
of their strength once on the payroll.

And you pay for everything to be 100%. Add taxes, jobs, smoking time, coffee and goofy chatter — yes, you are the one who pays for all this.

By the way, those who ordered an audit of the marketing department, from us reduced their marketing budget by 30%

How much money did you lose?



in just a year


The salary of a marketer is


Services of a designer, copywriter, etc.


Workplace and taxes

«Contagious Marketing» services:


for a year

You lose at least


Even if you only count the difference between the salary and the cost of the «Contagious Marketing» services, you annually throw away at least $8190,00.

And what do you get in return? Bad designs, nonsense texts and unnecessary items in the marketing budget.
Oh yes. You also lose clients.

And then we appear!

«Contagious Marketing» is the first and, possibly, the only company that can fully replace the marketing department.
Here are a few of the principles we work by.

Sane prices

We believe that a good website shouldn’t cost a million, a video can be made for 50 thousand. Based on this idea, we form our prices. We don't offer cheap solutions, however we still don't charge hundreds of thousands for our work.

Our discounts — your discounts

We work with a huge number of contractors in advertising, exhibitions and printing — and everywhere we managed to get the best prices. Our clients receive them (and we never receive commissions).

Honesty and openness

Yes, it sounds funny, but we always speak with clients openly and directly. This is rare, but we are loved for it.

We do
everything to the highest of standard.

Even the least used banner we will be made with perfection. Because we like it that way.

We only take on jobs we can do perfectly.

We refuse a project if we cannot guarantee its high-quality execution which is fair to you.

We save not only time, but also the sanity of our clients.

We do not have pointless mile-long briefs and other marketing «joys». We can write texts or come up with a site structure just one sentence at a time: «Make it cool.»

Each client has a director’s phone number.

All problems are solved by the manager. And if the issue is not resolved, then (absolutely) every client has a mobile director.

We are responsible for our actions

We always think about the result (almost always this is the volume of sales), asking the questions: «For what?», «Why?» or «What will bring the client?»

Order a service

How much does it cost?

It’s simple — the base rate costs $520 per month.
For this money, you get a marketologist, advertising specialist, and a designer.


We always draft an official contract and accept non-cash payments

Download the contract template (PDF)

What is included
in the monthly fee?

Personal marketologist

Available 5 days a week, 8 hours a day

Advertising specialist

Conducts advertising campaigns and analytics

Digital designer

Responsible for website design and advertising

Many more experts, copywriters, illustrators, and assistants work on projects.

What are we doing

as part of the monthly fee?

  • We draw up plans and budgets (can’t go anywhere without this)
  • Create and run advertising campaigns, communicate with contractors, negotiate discounts
  • Review analytics and web analytics (this is the absolute minimum to ensure you do not throw money away but work efficiently)
  • We make changes to the sites and landing pages (we correct texts and design)
  • Monthly we send a detailed report on what we have done and what we plan to do
  • Monthly we offer a list of new recommendations to improve efficiency
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Do you need more?

These services are not included in the monthly fee

  • We develop sites, landings and pitches
  • We fully manage and maintain the site: we make texts, news, tests and edit it
  • We manage groups on social networks (if you really need it)
  • We work with reviews and how you are viewed on the internet. We collect feedback from your clients
  • We use free advertising tools (we have 30 working methods in our back pocket to save you money)
  • We design advertising materials, newsletters, booklets, business cards and other things
  • We undertake search promotions (SEO)
  • We organise exhibitions and events , we prepare speeches and presentations
  • We support e-mail marketing (we create newsletters, chains of letters, etc.)
  • We come up with non-standard moves for promotion (these are not just words, we really do it)
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Order already!

90% of managers who spent a minute filling out the order form saved a minimum of 30% of the marketing budget and increased sales by 14% after the first two months of operation.

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